Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Urooj MohsanUrooj Mohsan
Driving Test Pass
A pleasure helping you with passing you're driving test.

Elisabeth HargreavesElisabeth Hargreaves
1st time pass
Of the three driving instructors I have had Stuart Burton has definitely helped me the most his calm and patient attitude really put me at ease and helped me not only learn how to drive but how to be safe while on the road the LD system driving skills workbook was very helpful for preparing for my test as it it allowed me to study and revise all the learning points and techniques by planning each lesson at the start and reviewing it at the end it was much easier to keep track of what needed to be learnt and what I had improved on during my lesson would definitely recommend

Aleksejs Loginovs
Stuart is helpful, respectful and systematic in his teaching approach. He starts with basics and progresses you through the essential driving skills as you’re learning them. He also makes you think about what your goals for the lessons are and how best he can help you learn them.

Faisal Syed
Test Pass
I have been very fortunate and had the utmost pleasure to be taught professionally driving by Stuart. From the very first lesson until the day I officially passed, Stuart has been most patient, respectful and very knowledgeable. I was extremely nervous and anxious to be driving as I've had a bad experience with a previous instructor, but Stuart was very understanding and made sure I felt at great ease, made the driving lessons enjoyable and gave me the confidence to drive safely. The lessons were very structured and clear to follow. I was given a lot of handy tips and formulas to follow especially the exam preparation, with sat nav, practicing test routes and mock exams which made it so much easier and helped me become consistent with all aspects of driving and ultimately PASS my driving test!. Thank you so much Stuart for being a brilliant instructor. I can highly recommend him as a teacher!